Why Should I Buy A Fleet Vehicle?

Looking For A Reliable, Affordable Car? Consider Fleet Auto Auctions!

If you are looking to buy a reliable and trustworthy vehicle at a good price, you may wish to consider a fleet vehicle sold at auction. What is a fleet vehicle? Fleet vehicles are vehicles that were used by companies for their employees and business endeavors. Many fleets, especially those for non-service businesses, consist of passenger vehicles, often the latest models with great features. When the fleet is ready to upgrade, those vehicles are sold, often at auction. Car buyers looking for a bargain just might find it at one of these fleet vehicle auctions.

Are Fleet Vehicles a Good Buy?

Fleet vehicles are a wise investment for a number of reasons. First, most professional fleets are careful to maintain their vehicles. They often employ fleet managers whose primary goal is to keep vehicles running efficiently. This requires proper maintenance, and most fleets will maintain their vehicles at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Fleet mangers also must document all of the work done on vehicles. This means that when you purchase a fleet vehicle, you will get a vehicle with a great maintenance history and the documents to prove it.

Second, fleet vehicles are often value priced. When a company decides to turn over its fleet and upgrade to new vehicles, they need to unload the previous fleet quickly. Many buyers mistakenly assume that fleet vehicles are overused and in poor condition, leading to the possibility of less competition — which can drive down prices.

Finally, fleet vehicles can be more reliable than other used vehicle options. Fleet mangers typically sell their vehicles not when something’s wrong, but rather when they’ve reached the end of their expected lifespan. This means they are typically in good condition, unlike other used cars that may have been driven to the end of the road before the owner decided to sell.

Buying Fleet Vehicles From Capital Auto Auction

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits and find an amazing deal on your next car or truck, Capital Auto Auction is a great place to buy. Our fleet auto auction service makes it easy to find and purchase these value-priced vehicles, and you will be impressed by our inventory. We have a large selection of fleet vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and even recreational vehicles, such as boats.

At Capital Auto Auction, we offer unmatched customer service. When you bid on one of our fleet auto auctions, we will do everything possible to ensure your needs are satisfied. If there’s ever a problem, we will work hard to resolve it to your full satisfaction.

To make it more convenient for buyers searching for fleet vehicles, we have four convenient locations, with live weekly auctions. You can find us in:

  • Manchester, NH
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Temple Hills, MD
  • Washington, DC

Our inventory is constantly changing, so check back regularly to find the vehicle you want.

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Are fleet vehicles a good buy? Check our current fleet vehicle auctions or inventory to see just how much you can save by purchasing a fleet vehicle. Then, set up an account and place a bid on the vehicle you like. Or, visit one of our locations to see vehicles in person, and participate in one of our on-site fleet auctions. With the help of Capital Auto Auction, you can purchase a well-maintained, reliable and value-priced fleet vehicle, saving money while enjoying the benefits of a newer vehicle.