Local Car Auctions

Local Car Auctions: Everything You Need to Know Before Joining

If you decide to pass up on going to a dealership to purchase a car, local car auctions are your best bet! Aside from the thousands of dollars you may end up saving, you’d also be given access to a tremendous library of high-quality vehicles, not to mention the relief you get from steering clear of high-pressure and pushy salespeople at auto dealerships.

With Capital Auto Auction, you get to enjoy the experience and freedom of bidding for quality vehicles in your individualized price range! Although the entire auction process is super easy, going to local car auctions can be daunting – but they don’t need to be. Learn the basic “need-to-know” points before participating and you’ll be all set!

Top 4 Things to Remember:

  1. Prep for it.

The time you’d spend on basic research can pay you in dividends. Since Capital Auto Auction offers a plethora of vehicle choices, take time to browse through the inventory before the auction date and cherry-pick those that you’re interested in. From there, you can start doing some legwork about the vehicles you’re eyeing.

Also, it is wise to be in the know about the rules and regulations of the auction. While most enforce a pretty basic set of rules, you can put yourself in the best bidding position if you’re aware of the guidelines. For example, some auctions use various colored lights to indicate something while others use different signs and symbols.

For the general rules, you need to be at least 18 with a valid U.S. driver’s license to purchase at an auction. You also need to be prepared to pay or make a down-payment on the vehicle you bid on.

  1. Looks can be deceiving.

Sure, it’s easier to just pick something that looks appealing — smooth finish, minimal wear and tear, good seat cushions, a popular brand name — but there’s always more than meets the eye. Never overlook key details such as mileage, how the vehicle looks under the hood, and run the VIN (Vehicle Information Number), if available.

Mileage lets you know exactly what you are getting, how things under the hood look gives you an idea of the pride of ownership was prior to the auction, and the VIN’s like a car’s fingerprint.

  1. Know your limit.

Setting a budget for a car is one of the most important things that you should decide before heading to the auction. Sticking to that budget is even more crucial. Before you bid, bear two things in mind: the maximum amount you’re willing to pay and the ballpark amount you’re setting for possible automotive repairs.

Once you’re at the auction, always stick to your guns. Do not get swayed by the adrenaline rush you get during the event and always — ALWAYS — be ready to stop bidding and walk away.

  1. Be a wise bidder.

It always helps to know the resale market value of the car you’re looking at. Check out online resources like the Kelly Blue Book to see how much your prospect car is really worth! No use in bidding over what a vehicle is worth!

With these four points in mind, you’re all set to participate in exciting local car auctions! There’s nothing more satisfying than taking home a good car at an equally good price. Check out Auto Capital Auction’s calendar of events to find the best deals at one of our local car auctions!