Our Auto Auction Locations

Looking for bargain prices on all kinds of good, clean cars and other vehicles? Participate in an online car auction hosted at one of our locations! Capital Auto Auction holds public online auto auctions with inventory available for pickup in Manchester, New Hampshire; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the Washington, DC. Area. Log in to one of our online car auctions to see what’s currently available in our ever-changing selection, and enjoy low prices you thought only dealers could find!

Weekly Scheduled Auctions

With Capital Auto Auction, you’re always in time for an online auction near you because we hold them every week. While the specific schedules are different for each locale, they are faithfully held on a weekly basis. View our online calendar to see upcoming events, or plan to visit at one of our regularly scheduled times.

Locations Internet
Locations:Manhester, NH Internet:Every Saturday at 9:00 a.m.
Locations:Philadelphia, PA Internet:Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 4:00 p.m.
Locations:D.C. Area Internet:Every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

What Kind of Cars are Sold at Auctions?

Whether you’re interested in a reliable minivan or a sleek sports car, you’ll want to take part in one of our auctions online. The fact is, our inventory of cars is always changing, so you never know what might come available from week to week. Our auctions feature cars of various kinds, from vans to boats to fleet vehicles. Participate in one of our events, and you can expect to find cars that were repossessions, dealer consignments, donations or government vehicles. If you want to know what cars will be available at an upcoming auction, visit our online calendar and click on an event to see a list of upcoming vehicles.

About Capital Auto Auction

Founded in 1989, Capital Auto Auction has auctioned thousands of vehicles to customers in the last few decades. From our current locations, we offer everything from family minivans to boats and motorcycles, with selections changing every week. We pride ourselves on offering good, clean cars at great prices, auctioned by professional independent auctioneers. Ready to experience the excitement of an online auction and find a used car that’s right for you? Make plans to take part in an event!